I spent many years trying various products in the fitness industry. I would fall victim to social media hype about a product & purchase it to be unimpressed or disappointed in the quality. I have tried most of the popular products on the market, but I eventually found 1st Phorm & have not touched another brand since. Their quality, values, & customer service are truly unmatched by any other in the fitness industry.

Check out my go-to products below!

Everyday Essentials:

Micro Factor: a vitamin pack that includes multivitamins, antioxidant, fruits & veggies superfood blend, essential fatty acids, CoQ10, & a probiotic. This product contains all the necessary vitamins for daily intake, & it is extremely convenient! Click here to check it out.

Opti-Greens 50: I don’t know about you, but I truly struggle to reach an appropriate veggie intake every day. That’s where this greens supplement comes in handy! It also contains immune-boosting probiotics that help with digestion & bloating. Click here!

Hair Skin Nails Essentials: I have tried every hair supplement under the freaking sun. Biotin, collagen, hair masks, regular trims, avoiding trims, you name it.. I’ve tried it. This is the only supplement that has made any difference – just look at the growth below! Check out this product here.

hair growth
This is less than a MONTH of taking HSN Essentials.

Level-1: Are you sometimes too busy throughout the day to heat up a meal, sit down, & eat it? That’s where Level-1 comes in. It is important to keep your body in a anabolic (muscle-building, fat-burning) state, & it is easy to slip into an catabolic (muscle-burning, fat-storing) state when we skip meals. Level-1 is an easy meal replacement protein when time is tight. It also makes the BEST protein ice-cream! Check it out.

Gym Essentials:

Megawatt V2: This is a preworkout powder with some serious kick. It provides clean energy, endurance, & focus for even some of my most dreaded workouts. The best part?
I don’t always even use a full scoop. Click here.

Phormula-1 & Ignition: The post-workout window is vital in not only assisting muscle growth, but also promoting better recovery. Phormula-1 is a hydrolyzed, rapid-assimilation protein. This means it is prepared at a longer time at a lower temperature to ensure the quality of ingredients in maintained. Pair it with Ignition, a super-simple carb source, & you have a quick digesting protein source that your body won’t waste any time with muscle growth & recovery. (Fruit D Loop is my faaaavorite!) Check out the other flavors here!