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I threw this together when I realized how quickly everything is shutting down due to COVID-19. I hope you find this guide helpful in still staying active when you’re away from the gym. Please feel free to tag me in your IG stories or shoot me messages with any feedback 🙂 Stay healthy, friends! Click on the image below to download.


Fall for Fitness Challenge PDF

The challenge entry-phase might be over, but the program is still available to crush your fitness goals!

Feeling kind of lost in the gym? Starting to lose motivation as you pile on your fall sweaters? Not sure what to even do? Where to start? How to make the most out of your time in the gym? Stuck in a rut or plateau? Or maybe you just want some new ideas…

  • 8 weeks of training
  • 5-day split
  • gym required
  • links to exercise breakdowns/examples
  • nutrition guide
  • gym tips/tricks
  • bi-weekly prizes
  • 12 info-packed pages
  • A PLAN!

Who is this program for? Honestly.. anyone! An experienced gym-goer or new lifter can be successful with the workouts! The one person this challenge isn’t for is the excuse-maker who isn’t ready to put in some work.

Can men participate? ABSOLUTELY. The workouts are not gender-specific by any means.

What if I don’t have a gym membership? For this program, a gym membership is necessary for the proper equipment. Be on the lookout for an at-home guide in the future!

Is this a one-time thing? NOPE! Once you purchase the program, the workouts and all information included are yours forrr-evvv-errr. Repeat/work through as often as you’d like!

AFTER PURCHASE: send an email to entitled, “Fall For Fitness PDF Purchase” to get your program personally emailed!



Show Weekend Packing List

I can’t tell you how many videos I’ve watched or blogs I’ve read to make sure I have ALL my show day essentials! I finally decided to make this into a document so I didn’t have to keep writing the list over & over again! & I figure… why not save all my fellow competitors the trouble as well! Click the title above to download a *free* show day packing list!