Fitness Coaching

Have you ever….

  • Started a whole new diet plan only to realize a week or so in that it wasn’t going to stick, seeing no changes in your physical appearance or daily habits?
  • Walked into the gym to look around, unsure of all the equipment, not knowing where to start or what exercises to do?
  • Stayed in your swimsuit coverup or bought a different dress because you didn’t feel comfortable in your own skin?

I have. I’ve been there. I remember….

  • Following super strict diets because I thought that was the only way to lose weight or gain muscle.
  • Aimlessly wandering around the gym while I felt like EVERYONE was staring, & finally giving up to climb on the elliptical… again. Not seeing any results because I didn’t weight train.
  • Eating very little for a week leading up to an event because I wanted to feel “skinny” in my outfit. Staring at pictures in a swimsuit thinking to myself, “That can’t be ME.”

It sucks. I know. But imagine…

  • Having a flexible plan laid out in front of you where you can still enjoy food and see results. 
  • Walking into the gym with a plan & feeling confident that what you’re doing will get you where you need to go.
  • Feeling like a freaking rockstar in whatever you decide to wear!

This coaching is for people who….

  • Are READY to put in the work. 
  • Are tired of not seeing results from lack of consistency or the wrong plan.
  • Are here to lay down the excuses & self doubt to build themselves into something higher. 
  • Want a coach for guidance, support, & accountability.





One of the biggest hindrances to being consistent with a fitness or nutrition program (or any goal, honestly) is accountability. We get started on our goals & are going strong,  but we fall off track a time or two & suddenly it has been weeks or months & you still aren’t back at it. Sound familiar? With online coaching you will get weekly check-ins & access to me for the accountability needed to follow through on your fitness goals.

Individually Customized Workout Programs


No two people are the same, so no two of my workout programs are either. We will discuss YOUR goals & abilities, & I will create an individualized program based on our conversations. There are no cookie-cutter workout programs here!


I graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in English with licensure to teach. I have since completed a CrossFit Level-1 certification, obtained my personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, & a nutrition certification through Precision Nutrition. I have experience training clients in-person at Shenandoah Powerhouse Gym in Virginia. All of these components make a great combination to provide you with personal programs tailored to YOUR needs & YOUR level of experience in the gym. It is important to not only create programs, but also to teach the WHY behind programming & movements. This allows you to learn & eventually create your own workouts! I am always an open book – ask away!

Online Fitness Coaching Includes:

  • Full Training Program with Detailed Explanation
  • Movement Analysis via Video Reports
  • Movement Breakdowns & Education
  • Cardio Program
  • Individualized Nutrition Protocol
  • Detailed Weekly Check-Ins
  • Open Access via Email for Questions, etc.
  • Habit Analysis & Goal-Setting


Training Only Programming Includes:

  • Training Program
  • Movement Analysis
  • Exercise Education
  • Movement Breakdowns
  • Monthly Updates
  • Access to Email for Questions



Nutrition Only Programming Includes:

  • Nutrition Program
  • Recommended Foods Lists
  • Macro Education (as needed)
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Access to Email for Questions

Are you tired of falling off track with your fitness goals?

Are you tired of starting over… again & again?

Are you constantly second-guessing yourself or unsure where to even start?

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