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About Me: 

WP 2My name is Hannah. I am twenty-seven years old, and I am a personal trainer with a passion for health and fitness. This passion was not something I was always interested in, but rather it has grown pretty steadily over the last six or seven years.

My “fitness journey” began in college. I had just turned twenty-one (hallelujah! thank the lord!), and partying was definitely my favorite pastime. My consistent diet of late-night pizza and Mountain Dew pick-me-ups eventually caught up with me, and I put on some extra weight. As anyone does when their body makes major changes, I began to feel quite uncomfortable and extremely unsatisfied with my appearance. It was time to make some changes.

I traded in the late nights for the gym, pizza for turkey, and the Mt Dew for water. I did not make all these changes overnight, and it took quite a few years (and a college graduation) for these changes to stick. I’ve only dug deeper and deeper into the fitness realm as time passes, and I only desire to keep pushing and gaining more knowledge!

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The photo on the left is from spring break 2013, and the photo on the right is from April 2017.

I eventually became hooked on everything fitness. I went through all the motions (protein pancakes! Lululemon! I even did the whole C4 thing.. woah).  I have recently taken more steps to further saturate myself in the fitness world: I have my CrossFit Level-1 Certification, a Personal Trainer certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and am a bikini competitor through the NPC. I even officially made the career switch from an English teacher to a personal trainer! I know this “hobby” is not leaving my life anytime soon.

I hope to be around for quite some time and show all of you the real side of various fitness competitions and the day-to-day life a a health-focused individual.  I feel like this is the point where fitness has become second nature to me, and I have my degree in English – I love to write and need a platform to keep improving on both these aspects. So I’m ready to share my knowledge and passion with anyone who is interested enough to listen or read along 🙂